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bridgetI started Imani Farm in 2003 with a partner and a flock of chickens. The 1.5 acre homestead farm is adjacent to our Cohousing neighborhood, which we were building at the time.

Farming in a forested valley meant trees were cut and milled, land was cleared, pastured created, and fencing erected.

We added some farm partners who helped us clear and fence another 3 acres. My original farm partner left and we turned in the farm into a cooperative management structure, often having 10 or more folks working with us (milkers, chore-doers, drivers, etc.).  Imani Farm, at it’s peak in 2013 housed 2 dairy cows, 200+ laying hens, 9 meat goats, and broiler chickens, all grown organically, soy-free, and on pasture. In addition we have multiple small orchards as well as annual vegetable production.

Imani’s website.

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