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bridgetI started Imani Farm in 2003 with a partner and a flock of chickens. The 1.5 acre homestead farm is adjacent to our Cohousing neighborhood, which we were building at the time.

Farming in a forested valley meant trees were cut and milled, land was cleared, pastured created, and fencing erected.

We added some farm partners who helped us clear and fence another 3 acres. My original farm partner left and we turned in the farm into a cooperative management structure, often having 10 or more folks working with us (milkers, chore-doers, drivers, etc.).  Imani Farm, at it’s peak in 2013 housed 2 dairy cows, 200+ laying hens, 9 meat goats, and broiler chickens, all grown organically, soy-free, and on pasture. In addition we have multiple small orchards as well as annual vegetable production.

Imani’s website.

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  1. Iselsharisse says:

    Hi. Good to meet you. My name is Iselsharisse! Yes, it is pronounced like it’s spelled izel sha reses (Reese’s Pieces). I did not plan to comment here, but in reading your information I cannot help but marvel over some parallels, or similarities between your life and mine.

    I’ve been perusing the site (again). Over the years I’ve frequented this site, looking for news, and update from the world of folks who are similarly focused and minded. My life purpose is “to care for the earth and its inhabitants”.

    At various times I have been active in the pursuit in one setting or another– but always walking according to that step.

    Thanks for your time.

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