Zones of Intimacy–Social Permaculture

Understanding Personal and Group Social Dynamics in a Permaculture Context

Permaculture is a design system that looks at how to integrate humans into the natural world in a conscious, practical, and sustainable way. Often called ecological design or environmental design, it emphasizes design principles and studies patterns in the landscape to creating systems for elegant human settlement designs. The “Zones of Intimacy” uses the permaculture zone model to look at how we organize our human social interactions. It helps us build a framework to understand relationships, conflict, and social sustainability in a whole new way.


The Three-Legged Stool of Sustainability

How “Green” and Alternative Projects Often Struggle due to the Neglect of Economics

The three-legged stool of sustainability—Social, Environmental, and Economic. Without all three, any business, any system, any community, any relationship is doomed to struggle or fail. As bright, conscious, counter-culture visionaries, we set out to build a culture righting the wrongs of our society. We seek to reduce consumption, stand for peace & justice, and work for the environment. Why do our resourceful and inspired projects seem to struggle with financial stress and sometimes fail to survive? Is passion and vision enough? We’ll look at the basics of economics, breaking large concepts such as specialization, economies of scale, and externalizing costs, down to understandable pieces. And we’ll have a deeper understanding of what we’re up against, how we can get more aware, and most importantly, how to balance our approach.

Homestead Classes

  • The Cohousing Neighborhood Model
  • Four Perennial Homestead Herbs (Nettles, Comfrey, Echinacea, Elder)
  • Family Dairy Cow Basics
  • Organic Livestock Nutrition without Soy (and the dangers of soy)
  • Farming Cooperatively, The Benefits and Challenges
  • Backyard Chicken Basics
  • Sprouting Grains for Livestock, Enhance the Volume, Nutrition, and Quality of your Feed
  • The Joy of Humanure