at Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood

Earthaven Ecovillage

Available for rent starting March 15, 2021.

This unit is for rent for a six month lease. This unit is sale for $132,500. Lease to own and owner finance options. Viewing by appointment. Please be sure to do an Earthaven Ecovillage Tour before seeing this apartment as the context is essential.

Condo Unit for sale at Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood at Earthaven Ecovillage

3 Bedroom, 864 square feet, 6 room condo within a hand-built, off-grid home, surrounded by a 4-acre working farm, 11 acres of neighborhood land, and hundreds of acres of forest in the heart of Earthaven Ecovillage.

This condo is private with its own entrance but also part of a CoHousing Neighborhood and common-walled building. It has a private kitchen and a shared bathroom. Also, there are options for separate entrances in order to make more than one unit out of this (think mother-in-law suite, or a detached rental, or a studio, or office.)

Includes access to 5 acre farm, orchard, gardens, offgrid power (solar and microhydro), water (well water, rain water, and grey water) systems, heating systems, access to 1000 square feet of common space including large kitchen, large workshop for wood work, and hundreds of acres of forest trails, creeks, woods, and in-tact nature system.

Experience community living, homesteading, nature-based living, and regenerative systems in this hand-built timber-frame, passive solar home, in the heart of our village valley (close to the Council Hall, Village Green, and White Owl Lodge). There are weekly potlucks, events, and projects at Earthaven Ecovillage.

Village Terraces is the most developed neighborhood at Earthaven with very comfortable and ecologically responsible amenities. We are a very stable group of folks (adults and children) in two separate common-wall buildings with centralized off-grid, renewable energy, utilities (power, water, heat).

Membership is required for ownership. Lease to own agreement available as well as owner financing.

Ownership structure is cooperative ownership in the Village Terraces Housing Cooperative including 11 acres of land which means that all members have equal investment in the cooperative and a single share of ownership interest as well as a single equal vote in the  governance of the cooperative association. The purpose of this coop is to provide homestead housing and related facilities.

Sale vs. Rent:

Available for Sale: 864 square foot, 2-3 Bedrooms, 6 rooms. 

For Sale Price: $132,500. The sale includes all the shared common infrastructure listed below. Must become a member to purchase this unit. That process will likely take six months to 1 year.

For Rent Price: $975/mo plus $65/month utilities per adult. Plus participating in a once-a-month neighborhood workday for the 864 square foot condo unit. Earthaven Ecovillage fees apply. Application & Visit required. 6 month to 1 year lease required.


When renting, indoor cat only. One small dog, depending on the dog, is a possibility but in general dogs are not tenable in this situation.

Regarding sale, your animals will be part of the process of membership determination.

Hand-built Land Use Systems:

  • Road/Driveway
  • Walkways, Common Courtyards, Other Common Land Spaces
  • Clearing and Excavation of your own Housesite
  • Landscaping (pond, gardens, rockwork, fencing systems, etc of common outdoor spaces)
  • Orchards, Farmyard
  • Electrical & Water Systems:
  • Solar Electric
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Grey Water
  • Rain Water
  • Spring Water
  • Well

Common House:

  • Kitchen – 576 sq. ft. (including appliances and other fixtures)
  • Common bath and kids area – 288 sq. ft.
  • Utility room with washing machine
  • Basement and Root Cellar
  • Outdoor deck space on two levels of common house
  • Firewood Sheds
  • Wood Shop

Garden & Orchard Infrastructure:

  • Equipment
  • Perennial Garden and Orchard Perennials
  • Terraced Beds
  • Trellises

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We highly recommend reading up about us on these website (located at Village Terraces)