Daily Life at Earthaven

Earthaven Ecovillage has a complex social, economic and political environment. You will receive a comprehensive orientation as well as a handbook. Please read the handbook and questions in order to get oriented towards the culture here. Expect that deeper understanding will happen over a period of time.

Staying at Earthaven is an adventure! Earthaven is off-the-grid and derives its electricity from solar panels and a small hydropower station. Please be prepared to conserve energy and resources while you are staying with us. Some noticeable differences to prepare for include: no outdoor lighting at night, restricted electricity use in general, dense sharing, and no porcelain toilets. Our drinking water comes from fresh springs or wells on the land and is not treated with chlorine. We do have filtered water available and encourage you to bring your own water bottle to carry with you at all times.

Managing Expectations on Your End

Please don’t come with an expectation that this is the “simple-life.” Yes we are close to nature because we work outside almost every day. This translates to hard work, sometimes extreme weather, and need for physical strength. You might do repetitive work for a while although mostly days are varied. Taking responsibility for our lives requires more work than most of us “suburban refugees” are used to. You will get in shape. You probably won’t lounge in the hammock all that much.


One of the most noticeable differences about life at Earthaven is our composting toilets. We believe strongly in returning our fertilizer to the Earth and for this reason, there are a number of outhouses for public use. You are encouraged to pee anywhere outdoors (except near creeks, springs, trails, and paths) and to poop in the toilets. We use our completed composted “humanure” to fertilize our gardens and orchards. Our outhouses generally do not smell due to our process of separating the pee from the poop. Please see the humanure handbook online at: humanurehandbook.com/videos.html. Please be sure to watch at least a few of these videos. We’ll be asking you about this in the interview. It’s very important that you’re comfortable with this aspect of our lives.

Pets, Animals, Food Choices, & Wildlife

  • Earthaven has a strict pet policy and we ask that you do not bring pets here under any circumstances.
  • Vegetarianism is comfortable and natural to many in an “alternative” lifestyle. Some here at Earthaven have chosen this path and others have chosen eating meat as part of a deeply nourishing food program. In fact a majority of people here eat meat. You will no doubt share a kitchen with meat eaters. If this concerns you, please let us know.
  • Earthaven is also home to a diverse mix of flora and fauna; there are many poisonous plants and snakes and we ask that you respect our biodiversity. If you are extremely allergic to poison ivy, bee stings, or snakes, we ask that you come prepared.