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Experience community living, homesteading, nature-based living, and regenerative systems in this hand-built timber-frame, passive solar home, in the heart of our village valley (close to the Council Hall, Village Green, and White Owl Lodge). There are weekly potlucks, events, and projects at Earthaven Ecovillage.

Available: 2-3 Bedroom, 720 square foot, apartment within a hand-built, off-grid home, surrounding by a 4-acre working farm in the heart of Earthaven Ecovillage. This apartment is private with its own entrance but also part of a CoHousing Neighborhood and common-walled building. The kitchen and bathroom areas are shared and connected internally to this apartment. Renters have access to all neighborhood land and utilities, large project kitchen, workshop, gardens, etc.

$650/mo plus $50/month utilities per adult plus participating in a once-a-month neighborhood workday. Earthaven Ecovillage fees apply. Application & Visit required.

We are prioritizing folks with community and/or group living experience and families without small children. If you’re interested in farming, there may be opportunities but we’ll need to live together for a trial period first.

Village Terraces is the most developed and most populated neighborhood at Earthaven with very comfortable and ecologically responsible amenities. We are a very stable group of folks (adults and children) in two separate common-wall buildings with centralized off-grid, renewable energy, utilities (power, water, heat).


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We highly recommend reading about us on these websites

http://www.schoolofintegratedliving.org (located at Earthaven)