Place, People, & Money: Workshop Series through SOIL in 2021

Place-Based Living An Overview of Our Regenerative Systems January 30, 3-5pm Eastern Time Online Visitors to Earthaven Ecovillage are often surprised to hear that we are not yet fully sustainable or 100% self-sufficient. This online workshop helps define the context and describe the journey of moving from a consumer culture to a land-based, place-based life. […]

Village-Building Stumbles

A few of the things Earthaven Ecovillage has gotten wrong This article first appeared in Communities Magazine, Issue 184, Fall 2019, here. The theme of the issue is The Shadow Side of Cooperation. I’ve been living in community for half my life. I started visiting and living in intentional communities and ecovillages all over the […]

Three Legged Stool of Sustainability

How Communities Fail to Thrive due to the Neglect of Economics This article first appeared in the Permaculture Activist in August of 2013 and can be seen here.    The three-legged stool of sustainability—Social, Environmental, and Economic. Without all three, any business, any system, any community, any relationship is doomed to struggle or fail. Most […]

Aspiring to the Working Class

This article appeared in both the Black Mountain News and Communities Magazine, Fall 2012 issue – Issue #156   One-hundred-fifty years ago, 90 percent of people on earth were farmers. This meant that every person in every family knew how to survive. Men and women knew how to work a field, fix tools, build a […]