Mending Political Divides Among Us

Initially aired on Pripo’s podcast “Relationships, Let’s Talk About It” in November of 2020. Found here.    Our country is rife with political conversations that tend to divide people. These exchanges can become more challenging when political differences occur in families and close relationships, where a divergence of ideals can strain connection. When the writer, […]

Can we Love our Political Enemies?

Originally published in Elephant Journal here.  I have friends and, more importantly, community members I depend on, on both sides of the fence.  Because of this, and at the risk of upsetting all of them by saying so, I’m finding myself struggling with the vehemence, angst, and downright inhumane responses toward our fellow humans who […]

Support Small Scale Animal Agriculture – II

This is part of the ongoing response to the ongoing debate featured in Part I. Supporting Small Scale Animal Agriculture   Hi Caitlin & Others, I too appreciate the ongoing dialog. I think it helps us all go deeper, form our thoughts more clearly, and articulate our perspectives. I believe if we are to have […]

Supporting Small Scale Animal Agriculture

In 2016 there as an uproar over an educational event that featured a sheep slaughter. Below are some of the details. My thoughts were featured in an opinion article, originally published in the Mountain Xpress. Let Live Coalition vs. Wild Abundance: Vegan activists rally against a local permaculture school Dear Concerned Animal Rights Activist: It’s […]