Honor your life and your loved ones by preparing for your death!

Workshop is 8 hours over the following two days:

  • Part 1: Friday, January 29, 2021, 2pm to 6pm (EST) AND 
  • Part 2: Friday, February 5, 2021, 2pm to 6pm (EST)

Both of these days are part of the SAME workshop. 

Online workshop using Zoom.

Preparing both internally and externally for our own death can help our loved ones know what to expect, guide our own process, reduce worry, and allow us to devote our attention, when it’s time, to the mystery and magic of the dying process. Contemplating our end of life wishes in a group builds a death literate community that be supportive at every stage of the life and death process.

This workshop series will focus on death literacy and provide an overview of the entire spectrum of end of life paperwork with a core focus on the Five Wishes. The Five Wishes document is an internationally renowned advanced directive often described as a “living will with a heart and soul.”

We will cover:

  • The Five Wishes
  • Addendum to the Five Wishes
  • Dementia Directive
  • MOST & DNR
  • After Death Considerations for the Body including Paperwork
  • Home Funeral & Home Burial Overview including Paperwork
  • Financial Considerations including Suggestions for Paperwork

Expect discussion, examples, engagement, stories, resources, slide show, and active encouragement in this supportive environment. You will start and/or finish much of the paperwork listed. Join me for this sacred opportunity to contemplate your end of life intentions. Honor yourself and your loved ones.

A minimum of 8 hours together is needed to cover these topics and engage in the paperwork involved. Sharing, conversation, contemplating, and discussion are an important part of this process. 

Some of the slides:







“An incredibly helpful workshop. Lee helped me prepare for my own death as well as prepare to serve the dying and their families in my immediate family and others in my death doula work.”

“From the opening moments of the workshop, Lee’s wisdom is apparent. Even through zoom, she connects and inspires as through she is in your room. It’s clear that she is a master of all the materials she presented.”

Lee’s teaching style has a lovely blend of organizational fortitude and down-to-earth compassion. She’ll keep everyone on task while being warm and genuinely open to input. I particularly appreciated the treasure trove of well-researched resources/experiences that she shared with us, the space she made for us to connect with each other, and her patience while we all navigated new technology.”

This topic has been avoided for years. Lee made it palatable: Engaging! I’m motivated to continue! I needed this!”

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To bring to class (via zoom):

1. A photo of one your deceased beloveds.
2. Ability to print documents ahead of time.
3. Questions related to end of life, dying, and after death.


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